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Bollywood dance classes with yoga for kids and adults
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We are pleased to inform the launch of Bollywood Rhythm. A Bollywood dance training for kids ( 5yrs and up) and adults. Our aim is to provide a fun environment for everyone while they still work out and perform! 

What to expect from our classes:

1. All our classes will start with basic yoga stretches and will continue with a fusion of bollywood western, bollywood classical, bollywood folk and Zumba dance routines and end with cool down dance stretches.

2. Specialties: We will also provide one exclusive Bhangra session  (45 mins) and one Yoga  session (30 mins) from trained instructors every month. This is a Bollywood Rhythm exclusive!!

3. Dance routines will include songs from Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English/Spanish (Zumba) . Our students will grove for popular numbers from jimikki kammal to oonchi hai building! 

4. Performances with a grand recital every year and participation in major Indian events in Madison.

5. Certification will be provided as the students finishes every level.

6. Dance classes will be held in a studio for a greater experience in a professional manner. The classes will commence from first week of December. 

7. Each session has 4 weeks with 1 class per week (4 -5 classes per month). Each class runs through 60 mins.

8.Introductory offer- December sessions free for everyone who joins in January! 

9.Classes will be held at Synergy Dance Academy starting 2nd December from 3.30 to 4.30 pm.

10.For further information please call, message or email us. 

Event packages: We provide package deals for events (Ugadi, Muthamizh Vizha, AIA Diwali, Independence Day) which will include choreography, costumes and practice sessions for students who are not enrolled in regular classes. For further information regarding these packages please contact us through our email or call us from the contact information provided below.

We provide a  well balanced combination of dance routines, yoga and a positive atmosphere in all our classes. A good workout will increase the endorphins in our body, that combined with good desi numbers guarantees happiness!