Art of living's happiness program | madison | jan 28-feb 01
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Happiness program has made difference to millions of people across 155 countries around the globe and have been held at progressive companies and institutions like Google, Nasa , the World Bank etc

Stress takes a big toll on our lives, be it physical, emotional or on health. It can affect every aspect of our lives - relationships, work efficiency and productivity and our own health and happiness. 

Happiness program is a one-of-a-kind stress-management and well-being workshop that combines powerful breathing techniques like the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (S.K.Y) with light physical yoga, meditation, practical wisdom, action, service, and interactive group-exercises. It's fun and rejuvenating, like a retreat that is totally focused on your current and future well-being. The techniques enables participants to relax, de-stress and detox the body and mind in a very deep way, increasing peace of mind or improving your overall physical, mental and emotional health. Once learnt, the techniques are one's own, and so can be taken home and applied throughout one's life.

Course Benefits:

Physical : Body becomes healthier,more relaxed and more enerziged, increases immunity
Mentally : Increases focus, awareness, mental clarity, creativity, relief from anxiety
Emotionally : Better able to manage emotions and experience peace of mind

Research has demonstrated that Sudarshan Kriya and the related practices you’ll learn can bring about the following benefits:

- Can significantly reduce (the stress hormone) cortisol
- Are effective in relieving depression and anxiety
- Help to restore normal sleep patterns, and
- Increase prolactin (the hormone associated with well-being).

By the end of the course you'll be equipped with specific techniques that you can practice every day. The value of these practices is both cumulative and immediate; you can look forward to continued and increasing benefits. You’ll also have access to ongoing follow-up programs which take place all over the world.

There are many more benefits, but instead of listing them all here, I would invite you try out the program for yourself, and see how you feel after the course.. :-)

Here are the course details -

TEACHER - Ekta Bathija (a senior international Art of Living teacher who spreading the message of love and knowledge worldwide.)
DATES - Jan 28 2016 - Feb 1 2016

** Limited seats!!, so register soon ;)


With a little help, anyone can meditate

When people hear about meditation, they almost always say either they've never tried it, or they weren't able to do it. Someone may have told you that thoughts were supposed to go away, but when you closed your eyes, more thoughts came up than ever. With Sudarshan Kriya, meditation can happen effortlessly. 

Sudarshan Kriya

Breathing that takes you into meditation

An incredible breathing technique, which takes you into a deep state of meditation, whether or not you have any previous experience with meditation. Most people feel deeply relaxed and renewed, as if a weight has been lifted. And anyone can do it. Sudarshan Kriya is the highlight of a series of yoga and meditation techniques you learn in happiness program to give you more energy, greater peace of mind, and better focus. 

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